Brands care, but not that much

written by sandrine 7 octobre 2009
Brands care, but not that much

Most brands who claim they care, don’t. If they really were caring, they would show it, engaging in conversations with customers (according to @garyvee #ims09) Feel like giving an example.

Orange, switzerland. This operator, for its most important customers, the business customers, has decided that they were indeed so important, that they would hire an external set of partners to care about them. Result, when you are an Orange Business customer, you don’t get the chance to even TALK to the brand.

Time pieces manufacturer. Those manufacturer craft dreams. The quality of most of their products is so outstanding and the experience so great, that most of them naturally address people’s emotions. When people are just so engaged with a product, they like to be vocal about it. No time piece manufacturer has decided yet to get a clear social media strategy, and none take part in the conversation.

Do you track the conversations about your brand ? Do you relate traffic to your brand buzz ?

But this is really amazing how brands are just so lagging behind. The value is customer, not your brands, It feels often as if, in ivory towers, brands have ended up fearing customer direct contacts. They have lost track and now getting direct feedback is freaking them out.

Come on ! You will get a lot with this feedback and engaging in conversations will give a clear sign to your customers.

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