HomeSense – Every home has a story to tell

written by netinfluence 16 novembre 2010
HomeSense – Every home has a story to tell

What did I get myself into this time?
It was in late June when I first came across the project called HomeSense by Tinker London. They talked about creating smart homes by using sensors, wires, Arduino, some duct tape, … and they were looking for households all over Europe that would be interested in participating in a open research in how people interact with DIY technologies on home.
I applied shortly after and by my greatest joy – my apartment got selected to be one of the 6 testing environments for the project.

About a month ago Georgina and Daniel from Tinker delivered me the so wanted ResearchKit (filled with various goodies as touch, temperature, light, movement sensors, buzzer, LEDs… ) and I got me teamed up with Théo Reichel and David Hodgetts who are the experts in interaction design based in Geneva.

Research Kit - HomeSense

Here and here you can find a few pics from our  first two sessions and here a short video about how we installed the light manipulator in my corridor.
We are preparing some other interesting home made smart gadgets … so stay tuned!

Light Manipulator - HomeSense


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