How should we relate to failure?

How should we relate to failure?

Well this is a difficult task because as humans, we tend to hate failure.  Our egos don’t generally handle it very well.  So we try to avoid it and consider failure as a sign of stupidity.

But what if failure was just a path to knowledge?

What if we could change how we can relate to it and therefore improve ourselves?

Here is a my personal story and a talk I gave at failcon Zurich in april 16.  I hope you will like it and please, if you do, share your comments below 😉

How the Swiss Perfectionist Syndrome Leads to a Larger Fear of Failure – Sandrine Szabo from idezo on Vimeo.

If we do not give failure some thought, we won’t know how to prevent it. And by obsessing on success, we are predestined for failure. In the digital world, people expect magic, but who can guarantee that you will be innovative enough to enlighten all your customers on a continual basis? Trial and error is the only way on the road to success – and this, too, is a continual process. We have to reprogram ourselves to think of failure, but not as something to be ashamed about, but as a path to success. Sandrine Szabo appeals to our ability to change – and shares many fascinating and candid personal insights with the audience – as well as a helpful little trick.

This talk was recorded and edited by Mark Melnykowycz (Idezo GmbH, Switzerland). Failcon Switzerland was held on April 16, 2013 at Theater Rigiblick in Zurich, Switzerland.

My slides are also available here:

A big thanks to the organizers, namely David & Agustin, for having me there!

Please check all the other videos on the failcon site as all of them are priceless

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