I’m a refugee in New York

I’m a refugee in New York

I couldn’t wish anything better.

The famous volcano eruption on Iceland caused a lot of troubles all over the world… and a few thousand visitors got completely blocked in New York and among them some of the 99% participants.
My flight has been canceled early on saturday morning and a friendly telephone operator at American Airlines managed to find me a sit on a flight leaving NY in ……. one week! 😀 Fun!

After a deep breath and a 10 second timeout I realized that all this could just be one big amazing opportunity to live a pure NY experience. I started to scan the internet looking for events, expos, checking tweets and sending e-mails… And here is my temporary schedule for the week:

  • Saturday: A day to remember.
  • Sunday: Moving my office from Brooklyn to the Central Park area (59st).
  • Monday: Meeting Tina Roth Eisenberg aka SwissMiss, the swiss graphic designer and a blogger, who generously offered me a desk and wi-fi connection for a day. A ‘99% volcano meet-up’ at 230 on 5th avenue.
  • Tuesday: Attending David Barringer’s lecture on “Design As Literature: The Changing Shape of the Novel” at Design Criticism MFA Department together with a couple of swiss refugees Lea Montini and Kevin Blanc. A drink with Joe Nagle, Copywriter at Young & Rubicam Brands and blogger. 12km run in Central Park.
  • Wednesday: Working in Cool Hunting office & meeting the team – thx to Shawn Thomson from Large Tail. Tim Burton exhibition in MOMA.
  • Thursday: AIGA/NY: Design and Advertising debate + more to come
  • Friday: Final ‘Apple’ shopping  🙂 + more to come

So far so good. 🙂 I’m eager to see what comes next.

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