Les marketers n’exploitent pas encore le mobile

Les marketers n’exploitent pas encore le mobile

Mobile marketingMalgré l’apparente maturité des smart phones et le développement de la convergence mobile-online-geolocalisation, les marketers sont tout sauf prêts.  Même la simple compatibilité de leurs site pour une version mobile est de loin pas une pratique entendue (seul 23% d’entre eux y songent!).

Despite the number of marketers who reported testing mobile, some basic research is not being performed: 63% of marketers told eROI they were not measuring how many of their email subscribers were viewing messages on mobile devices. Mobile-optimized messages were sent by 25% of respondents.

Usage of marketers’ websites via mobile was even more likely to be ignored; just 23% of marketers reported having a mobile-optimized website. The vast majority of those sites were limited versions of the full company website designed to include information relevant to mobile customers. via emarketers

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