The current evolution phase is silent

The technology curve has reached a peak. None of the technologies seen during the conferences are any new. Whether it be Data, AI or VR, all these have been around for a while.

Pending adoption & development

We are now in the adoption and development mode.

Most projects presented @leaders are trying to make usage – successfully or not – of these technology. Maturity still is very low though because much of the adoption is pending concrete applications.

Some are really on the way like this bioscience firm (orionis) mapping all drugs & protein actions in order to create a data API for the health sector, helping developing new or more efficient drug design.

Some however, namely in the AI business, are still very much on the R&D phase like bots, looking for both audiences, applications and business models.

What does it mean for you?

  • We still have time to get used to it 😉
  • The most interesting part is starting now (it is also time to work on your digital transformation)
  • Every time you will consider these technology applications as « banal » it will mean they have reached their maturity 🙂
  • Most of the coming developments will be invisible because these technology will bring intelligence to existing patterns and practices

In other words, the coming revolution is mostly going to be silent. And they will succeed when they will manage to make us SMARTER.

> Check this previous presentation (in french) explaning why we  – consumers – expect companies to make us SMART.

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