When a company takes the right steps to build an online presence, it pays off!

When a company takes the right steps to build an online presence, it pays off!

But with online presence, it’s not about a quick campaign here and there, or a fancy Facebook page thrown together. It’s about long-term planning and sustainability. That’s the conclusion drawn after analyzing 2 months of online statistics for alternative watchmaker Marvin.

Having completely rethought and redesigned their website, and helped them recruit a community manager through our US connections, they are now in a position to reap the rewards.

From day one, Jerome has reached out to the horology blogging community and interacted with them via twitter, facebook, forums and email.

In a month, he has generated significant presence in the social media spheres as recent Marvin website stats can attest to. Indeed, 20% of the referrals stem from targeted social media networks including the blog, twitter or facebook.

But more importantly, he’s managed to attract the attention of key bloggers like Hodinkee, who praise the brand’s online approach:

Marvin has been spreading the word via an active Twitter account, Facebook page, and regularly updated and well-conceived corporate blog, and we commend them on fully embracing the digital realm to do so

Surely, there’s a lot of work left to be done. But most anticipated at this point is the opening of the Marvin online store. The brand is picking up some serious social media traction at the moment, and the e-shop will clearly be a welcome addition to its holistic online strategy.

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