What do influencers and your grandma have in common?

What do influencers and your grandma have in common?

Let me tell you a story.
My grandparents have quite a few grandchildren.
Because some of them live far away or don’t feel that close to them, they only tend to see them during family gatherings such as Christmas.

My grandma can be sure she will see them because they come to get their presents…
As cynical and sad as it may sound, some brands tend to behave the same way when it comes to influencers.

For a brand, working with bloggers is not easy.  Spotting them is hard and brands don’t often get it right.
Instead of building relationships, regularly, closely, with dedicated ressources, they want to have them – purchase them? – when they need it.

Bloggers are like your grandma and mine.
If you only ever pay attention to them when you need them, how do you think they will consider you?

Credits for picture : http://www.flickr.com/photos/sabertasche2/4101160357/ (very nice picture of his grandma gracefully shared under CC)

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