10 days to get the best out of the valley!
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10 days to get the best out of the valley!

Here we are! Good morning San Francisco! We dreamt of it, now here we are 😉
Two members « net-team » will be in the silicon valley for just 10 days.  Emilien is here to attend the WWDC conference while I will be wandering around, meeting people and attending a few events.
Isn’t that great ?

We arrived a few hours ago in the airport where we could already feel the fever of the city, and the kindness of people.
On the way of our hotel, we met a nice guy, friend with the guy who developed the « iBeer » iphone application.
People are great ! They talk easily and always try to help giving useful tricks and stuff. That’s nice to be welcome and treated like that.  I guess we should learn a lesson from this!

Here is the program of the week:

Emilien, our iphone expert is booked all week with the WWDC.
In the meantime, I will try to make as many things as possible.
First I’m booked for wednesday and thursday for 2 conferences :

  • The first one is « Influx Curated »  and takes place in San Francisco.  In this event I will attend some sessions and make some networking. My objective is to meet people, create a relationship and share experiences.
  • The second event, is an unconference, a barcamp. It takes place in Mountain View, where you have all the Google, Apple and Ebay headquarters.

I hope that I will meet a lot of interesting people and attend nice sessions. I’ll try to visit a bit more of Mountain View but it is quite hard to enter Google or Apple buildings without knowing somebody working in it.( so any ideas, let me know…)

The rest of the week I have planned some interviews with web leaders and marketing gurus.  I am curious to find out what will be the outcome 😉
Indeed we thought it would be interesting to talk with people working over here, in the heart of the web beat, to see how they perceived european web companies, and how they see the future, what is going to be the next big thing …

I will keep on sharing in the blog and of course post the ITW once they get ready.  Hope you enjoy and if you have suggestions or remarkes…do not hesitate to add your comments 😉

See you then for the next episode

This article was originally created by Marie Girardet

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